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Student Success

In the Global Student Success Program, students meet regularly with the Student Success Team for guidance in all academic and non-academic affairs. With the support of the Student Success Manager, Student Success Advisor, and Student Experience Specialist, students learn to navigate the ins and outs of university life in the United States and build valuable skills that will allow them to succeed throughout their academic careers and beyond.


Our program offers numerous academic resources to GSSP students who wish to maximize their academic potential. Throughout the course of each semester, students meet with their Student Success Advisor both individually and in groups to discuss a variety of academic-related topics, including but not limited to:

  • Selecting courses that match their personal strengths and interests
  • Exploring potential career pathways
  • Choosing a major that aligns with their long-term goals
  • Academic expectations and policies at UMass Boston
  • Study strategies and tips for managing a heavy course load
  • Scholarship opportunities
  • Academic support resources on campus
  • Resume-writing and developing a professional identity

The Student Success Team partners with UMass Boston faculty members and student services to provide comprehensive support for students facing a variety of academic challenges. The GSSP offers group Study Skills Tutorials twice per week throughout the semester, in addition to providing one-on-one English and math tutoring for all GSSP students. Additionally, all new students enroll in UNI 101, a non-credit course that introduces them to a variety of helpful resources and friendly faces on campus and helps them adjust to life as an undergraduate student.

Student Experience

At UMB GSSP, we take a comprehensive approach to student wellness—we understand that students who feel happy and supported outside of the classroom are more likely to excel in their academics. For this reason, we have a Student Experience Specialist who collaborates with university stakeholders to provide students with enjoyable extracurricular events and volunteer opportunities that not only offer cross-cultural exposure, but encourage students to explore their interests, form lasting friendships, and make positive contributions to the Greater Boston community.

In addition to coordinating events, the Student Experience Specialist is available to assist students with non-academic matters, including but not limited to:

  • Well-fare related issues
  • Navigating Boston and getting involved in the community
  • Housing and roommate issues
  • Arrival procedures and student visa questions
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